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July 17, 2014
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Top Headlines
Sheriff Clark, “Shake” Ezell,
Howard claim victories in


Double homicide:
Bellamy men questioned in two deaths in
Choctaw County

Livingston Council hears,

“Is WM taking over?” trash

Black Belt Community Grants
distributed to Sumter, Black Belt
Sumter County receives $21,659 in grant awards

Sumter Health & Rehabilitation
“Deficiency Free”
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Election Results
District 72 State Representative
Ralph Howard  459
Thomas Moore 681
Howard won District wide with 4,196 to Moore's 3,597 in unofficial returns.

Tyrone Clark, Sr. 2258
Tommy Lewis 1962

Commission District 5
Archie Hall 444
Ottice Russelle 402

Commission District 6
Pat Ezell 315
Tom Luke, Sr. 241